Fizen and OpenApp - new chapter in PSD2 payments

We are proud to announce the commencement of a partnership between Fizen, a leader in Open Banking in CEE, and OpenApp, an innovator in digital payments. This synergy aims to introduce groundbreaking PISP payment solutions that will significantly enhance the shopping experience in both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

What is OpenApp?

OpenApp, with its new payment system, is already facilitating shopping for customers by offering fast and secure payments through biometric login. Through collaboration with Fizen, OpenApp will gain access to open banking technology, allowing for even smoother and more intuitive shopping experiences. OpenApp currently enables convenient shopping in several stores, such as and, with soon to join the list.

In the OpenApp application, details such as the preferred delivery method, customer contact information, and invoice data are saved, further accelerating the shopping process. Biometric login, using fingerprint or facial scan, eliminates the need for traditional logins and passwords, ensuring speed and security.

An interesting aspect of the application is its utility in physical store purchases. Purchases made in physical stores appear in the app just like online orders, allowing for easy returns or repurchases. This feature is particularly beneficial for networks that offer their products both online and in physical stores.

Using OpenApp is free for customers, which is an additional advantage. The costs are borne by stores that want to accept payments through this application. OpenApp offers a single, low transaction fee rate. Although currently, the payment methods in the app are mainly based on top-ups via transfers, the company plans to expand its offerings with additional payment options, further increasing its market appeal.