Bulk Payments

Streamline Multiple Transactions with Single Transfer Initiations

Simplify your mass payments with Fizen's advanced Bulk Payments Solution. Whether it's payroll disbursements, affiliate payouts, or vendor settlements, manage numerous transfers in one go, saving time, reducing errors, and improving efficiency.
  • Batch Payment Processing: Initiate a single transfer that disburses to multiple recipients, streamlining payment workflows.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily upload recipient details, payment amounts, and other transaction data through our intuitive platform.
  • Enhanced Security Protocols: Ensure every individual transaction within the bulk payment is encrypted, authenticated, and secure.
  • Real-Time Tracking & Notifications: Monitor the status of each transaction within the batch, and receive instant notifications upon completion.
  • Error Detection: Our system proactively checks and alerts you to any inconsistencies or potential errors before processing.
  • Customizable Templates: Save and reuse payment templates for recurring bulk transactions, further speeding up the process.


  • Operational Efficiency: Eliminate the repetitive task of individual transfers, freeing up valuable time and resources.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce transaction costs by consolidating multiple payments into a single initiation.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Automated checks minimize the risk of human errors, ensuring accurate payments every time.
  • Flexible & Scalable: Whether you're disbursing to ten recipients or ten thousand, our solution scales to meet your needs.

Use Cases

  • Business Payrolls: Effortlessly process employee salaries across different levels and departments.
  • Affiliate & Partner Payouts: Easily disburse commissions or rewards to multiple partners at once.
  • Vendor & Supplier Settlements: Simplify payments to multiple vendors, ensuring timely settlements.
  • Refunds & Rebates: Process bulk refunds for customers or issue rebate payments efficiently.
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