Customer Verification

Revolutionizing KYC with Open Banking

Step into the new era of customer verification with Fizen. By harnessing the power of Account Information Service Provider (AISP) access and open banking, we simplify and fortify the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. With the customer's consent, gather indispensable insights for verification, ranging from proof of address to proof of income, and beyond.
  • Comprehensive Verification Suite: Conduct multifaceted verifications including KYC, Proof of Address, Proof of Bank Account, Proof of Income, and Proof of Age etc.
  • Consent-Centric Access: Uphold the principle of customer privacy, ensuring data access only with explicit and informed consent.
  • Automated Data Retrieval: Minimize manual input errors with automated extraction of necessary details directly from the bank.
  • High Accuracy & Reliability: Offer a dependable verification process backed by the authenticity of bank data.
  • Rapid Turnaround: Streamline verifications with prompt data retrieval, reducing the waiting period for customers.
  • Enhanced Security Framework: Prioritize data protection with robust encryption and multi-layered security protocols.


  • Reduced Fraud Risk: Enhance the authenticity of verifications, mitigating potential fraudulent activities.
  • Operational Efficiency: Automate and accelerate the verification process, leading to resource optimization.
  • Enhanced Compliance Adherence: Stay aligned with regulatory requirements effortlessly with accurate and reliable data.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Reduce customer friction by minimizing manual document submissions and expediting verifications.

Use Cases

  • Banks & Financial Institutions: Strengthen account opening, loan applications, and other verification-reliant processes.
  • Online Platforms & Marketplaces: Verify vendors and customers, ensuring the integrity of the platform.
  • E-commerce Portals: Validate customer information for high-value transactions or account creations.
  • Real Estate & Rentals: Authenticate potential tenants or buyers during property transactions.
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