Financial Data

Empower Your Financial Insights with Open Banking

Unlock a new realm of financial intelligence with Fizen's Account Information Services. Through the potential of open banking, access comprehensive financial data of your customers, all backed by their explicit consent. Enhance products like credit scoring, anti-money laundering (AML) support, and more with deep, reliable insights.

  • Holistic Financial Overview: Gain a panoramic view of your customer's financial landscape, encompassing account balances, transaction histories, and more.
  • Consent-Based Access: Prioritize user privacy by accessing data only with explicit customer consent, ensuring ethical and compliant data handling.
  • Real-Time Data Retrieval: Harness current financial data to facilitate timely and informed decisions.
  • Seamless Integration: Our AIS can be effortlessly integrated into your existing systems, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Advanced Security Protocols: Benefit from top-tier encryption and authentication methods, guaranteeing the protection of sensitive financial data.
  • Customizable Data Points: Choose specific financial data segments relevant to your requirements, optimizing the utility of the information.


  • Enhanced Decision Making: Improve the accuracy of credit scoring by accessing real-time financial data, ensuring better risk assessment.
  • AML Compliance Support: Strengthen your AML protocols by obtaining a clearer picture of your customer's financial activities.
  • Personalized Service Offerings: Tailor your services based on individual financial behaviors, elevating customer experience.
  • Efficient Resource Allocation: With clearer insights, redirect resources to areas with the highest potential returns.

Use Cases

  • Banks & Financial Institutions: Enhance risk assessment and customer service with detailed financial insights.
  • Credit Rating Agencies: Refine scoring models by integrating real-time account data.
  • Fintech Platforms: Offer value-added services or recommendations based on individual financial behaviors.
  • Regulatory & Compliance Entities: Strengthen monitoring and adherence to financial regulations.
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