Delayed Payments

Simplify Future Transactions with Scheduled Bank Payments

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Take control of your financial planning with Fizen's Delayed Payment Solutions. Seamlessly schedule bank payments for future dates, giving you and your customers the flexibility to plan finances without the complexity of traditional credit systems.

  • Instant Notifications: Receive real-time notifications for scheduled payments, ensuring you're always updated.
  • Future-Date Scheduling: Set payments for any future date that aligns with your financial plans or business cycles.
  • Direct Bank Integration: Like our other solutions, bypass traditional gateways for direct bank-to-bank transfers, ensuring reliable transactions.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: Manage, view, and adjust all scheduled payments with ease through our intuitive platform.
  • Flexible Adjustments: Reschedule or modify payment details as needed, offering unmatched flexibility.
  • Highly Secure: With stringent authentication processes in place, each transaction remains as secure as immediate payments.


  • Cash Flow Management: Provides businesses and individuals an effective tool to manage cash flows and anticipate financial obligations.
  • Convenience: Forget setting reminders. Schedule once and let our system handle the rest.
  • No Hidden Costs: Unlike traditional credit systems, enjoy transparent transactions without unexpected fees.
  • Empower Customers: Give your customers the freedom to choose payment dates that suit them, enhancing their purchasing experience.

Use Cases

  • E-Commerce Platforms: Let customers book now and pay later, increasing conversion rates.
  • B2B Transactions: Schedule payments based on contract terms or delivery milestones.
  • Utility Payments: Consumers can set payment dates in alignment with their salary or income cycles.
  • Rent & Leases: Tenants and lessees can schedule rent payments to avoid late fees.
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