Launch of Collaboration Between Fizen and S.A.

We are excited to announce the commencement of an official collaboration between Fizen and S.A.! Both enterprises have joined forces to deliver modern Account 2 Account payment solutions to the Polish lending market. Fizen provides PIS technology, which will become a crucial component in the offering of social loans for individuals. Our collaboration aims to streamline and enhance the efficiency of payment processes, creating unique experiences for customers and delivering innovative tools for businesses. S.A. is a dynamically developing entity in the Polish fintech market, which recently acquired Poland’s first license for debt crowdfunding. This achievement is a testament to their constant pursuit of innovation and commitment to providing the highest quality financial services to their clients. With passion and vision, S.A. has created a platform that meets the contemporary needs of both borrowers and investors, connecting them in a transparent and efficient manner.

Fizen is an advanced B2B platform that redefines the way businesses make financial decisions. With our unique approach to PIS technology, we assist companies across Europe in accelerating their digital transformation and improving operational efficiency. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of today's dynamic market, and our specialists are always ready to help clients harness the full potential of our tools.